Albemarle County’s confiscatory “bag tax” is bad, but the slipshod implementation may be even dodgier.

Amidst confusion over Diantha McKeel’s legislative moneygrab-in-the-name-of-conservation, some merchants are charging tax on the tax itself!

While oftentimes it can be difficult to discern excess taxation, simple purchases make it easier to do so. Case in point (as illustrated below), a local eatery charged a customer a total of $10.25 for food and then an additional .05 cents for the “bag tax.” However, local and state tax was applied to a total of $10.30 (which includes the bag tax).

When asked about this situation, Albemarle County spokesperson, Emily Kilroy, says such taxation-on-a-tax should not be happening:

Here is a copy of the disposable plastic bag tax ordinance:

As the ordinance is written, the tax is on the individual bags and separate from other taxes that may apply to a customer’s order/cart.

Several similar instances of apparent over taxation have been received by The Schilling Show.

The Albemarle County Democrats risky bag-tax scheme appears to exceed the bounds its original portrayal, but few are even aware of the overreach.

The evil tax-gods of Albemarle County must be smiling as hapless taxpayers are again getting screwed by their own government.

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