A “non-specific” social media threat was levied against Albemarle High School (AHS) earlier today.

The warning reportedly was “airdropped” to AHS students at approximately 12:45 PM. Concerned for their safety, some student-recipients advised Principal Darah Bonham of the menacing message.

Unnamed sources claim that Bonham did not immediately notify police—and parents were not informed for at least 45 minutes after the warning’s initial delivery.

According to Bonham, the school was not on “lockdown;” however students were confined to their “3rd block” classrooms for several hours while the incident was being investigated.

This event, although peaceably resolved, is likely to intensify calls for the restoration of School Resource Officers (SROs) to Albemarle County government schools. SROs were removed from the schools by a coordinated action of Albemarle County Superintendent Matt Haas and the Albemarle County School Board.

First communication from Principal Bonham:

Dear students and families,

We were just notified that there was a social media post that indicated a threat to AHS. There was nothing specific in the post however we are taking all precautions at this time including the involvement of police, who are at the school currently, to ensure that our school is safe. All students are currently in 3rd period class, and will remain there, with instruction continuing, until we have assessed that the threat has been resolved. I want you to know that we are NOT in a lockdown as students are inside their secured classrooms with instruction continuing. We will provide an update very shortly in regards to next steps. We are asking all students to remain at AHS until our safety team has assessed the situation. We do need feel it is necessary for students to be picked up at this time. If parents are coming to the school for any reason to pick up their child, they must do so in the back parking lot of the school and follow procedures there.

You will be getting an update soon.

Darah Bonham, Principal
Date: 2/6/2023 1:32 PM
From: Albemarle County Public Schools


Subsequent communication from Principal Bonham:

AHS students and families,

While we continue to investigate the social media threat we will keep students in third block class until further notice. Remind her that we are not in a lockdown situation and instruction is continuing until we give the all clear. We remind any parents who are picking up their child to go to the bus lot in the back of the school so we can get your child out of class. We are not releasing walkers or student drivers at this time.

We hope to have this resolved soon to be able to continue the day and we will provide you with an update soon.

Darah Bonham, Principal
Date: 2/6/2023 2:17 PM
From: Albemarle County Public Schools

Closing communication from Principal Bonham:

Attention Students, Staff and Families,

Albemarle county police have investigated and the school and grounds have been deemed to be safe. The threat is not substantiated and we will be releasing students at normal time at 3:50 PM. We will keep students in their 3rd block until the end of the day. After school activities will continue as planned. We will have increased security and police presence throughout the end of the day.

I will provide an update later this afternoon/evening to the community.

Darah Bonham, Principal
Date: 2/6/2023 3:22 PM
From: Albemarle County Public Schools

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