It was a terrible day at Albemarle County’s Monticello High School (MHS).

Unofficial reports from multiple parties describe an MHS teacher being assaulted on campus. This occurred when an upset student “charged” from a counselor’s office. As the teacher tried to stop the student, the teacher was punched several times in the head, with injuries so severe that he was transported from the school by ambulance. The offending student later was removed in handcuffs upon arrival of Albemarle County Police.

In a separate incident, two students reportedly “jumped” a third student in the bathroom, with the ensuing fight resulting in blood-spattered walls.

Thirdly, a false fire alarm was triggered leading to the needless dispatch of Albemarle County Fire vehicles to MHS.

Monticello High School internal contacts lay the uptick in violence on permissive new policies instituted by Superintendent Matt Haas and the Albemarle County School Board:

And, these occurrences are not rare or unique.

Sources add that earlier this year, an MHS teacher was pushed down the stairs while at the school.

Over similar episodes of violence, several Albemarle County Schools’ teachers have quit Jack Jouett and Albemarle High School, leaving severe staff shortages in both places.

While teachers are clamoring for a return to sanity and order (and the return of SROs) within the schools, an obstinate Superintendent and emotionally detached School Board refuse to respond.

All hell is breaking loose at Albemarle County Public Schools. But the public is not aware. Sadly, students, parents, and teachers are paying the price for administrative incompetence. Amidst the chaos, however, those same administrators continue to collect big paychecks and revel in their claimed educational achievements.

UPDATE #1 11/13/2021 5:14 PM: An Albemarle County Schools spokesperson responded 19 hours after viewing a Schilling Show email inquiry: “thank you for checking on the accuracy of this report. No ambulance. The description of a teacher being beaten is far from the truth. A teacher was assaulted, which led to him driving himself to one of the emergency medical offices to have a finger checked.”

Another person knowledgable of the incident replied: “He (the teacher) had a welt on his head. The welt was seen by multiple teachers when he returned. It (the incident) was on camera.”

The Schilling Show also has received reports that one or more videos of the “beating” have been circulated among students and on possibly on social media.


  1. A solution regarding SRO’S:
    since the Superintendent and School Board Members believe SRO’S are unnecessary, let’s have THEM personally sit in MHS hallways during school days for a full month to quell the violence of these uncontrolled students. Maybe the parents of these students should be disciplined or shamed. Let’s get back to preparing students for productive lives.

  2. Quite honestly, the only place to point the finger is at video games.
    This NEVER happened when I went to Albemarle high. No, the police should be there! If the parents and faculty are not on the same page, learning will never continue.
    This will happen again and again. The kids nowadays don’t give 2 shits about anyone else and yes that falls on society and family. I have seen parents act like fools, in front of their kids, over the smallest issues, and when their kids do it, they commend them. Nah. Bring back parents ability to discipline their kids they way we were raised up on and watch this stuff disappear.
    Parents, we need to install the “fear of God” back into our kids. Right now, they think if anything happens to them, they will just respawn or reset.
    We are losing kids and families left and right to the bullshit that is going on in the world. Stop making excuses on why you couldn’t get your kids to listen. There is ALWAYS a way!
    It’s our jobs as parents, to figure this out. Turn off the internet, take away the phones, hell, even deny access to the internet.
    Yes, I do have a daughter in the school system, and she knows FAFO. Except, it wasn’t FAFO, when I grew up, it was called respect.

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