Irrational COVID fears abound at Albemarle County’s Burley Middle School.

With the full knowledge and assumed consent of school and division administration, some Burley teachers are conducting class in in sub-freezing weather with classroom windows full-open.

This official COVID “mitigation procedure”—approved for use, even when it’s snowing—is causing Burley students to bring blankets to school in order to keep from freezing inside their own classrooms.

When queried about the dangerous practice, an Albemarle County Public Schools’ (ACPS) spokesperson replied:

[ACPS] guidance says that keeping windows open should be weather dependent. There actually would be little justification for keeping windows open in cold temperatures or during rain or snow because of the improvements that have been made to classrooms dating back to the beginning of the pandemic.

Every classroom has had its own air purifier installed in the room and the HVAC systems serving the classrooms also were upgraded. A major part of the upgrade was improvements to the filtration systems, so that the amount of fresh air coming into a classroom was doubled. This airflow is healthier than simply opening a window because of those filtration systems.

Despite complaints from parents and students alike, Burley Principal, Kasaundra Blount, will not intervene.

In addition to the forced freeze, some Burley students (and those in other ACPS facilities) are not allowed to lower “masks” in order to sip water inside the classroom, and instead are being commanded to step-out in order to hydrate—again, in the name of COVID “safety.”


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