Albemarle County no Christmas

The pagan Democrats running Albemarle County have struck another blow against Judeo-Christian American culture.

A December 18 Albemarle County press release proudly announces that: “County Offices will be Closed Friday and this Upcoming Monday For Winter Break.”

Albemarle County winter break

Curiously, Albemarle County’s 2022 press release referred to Christmas as “Winter Holiday,” which now has morphed into “Winter Break”—a further distancing.

Unbeknownst to some, the meaningless phrase, “Winter Break,” is really a DEI euphemism for the Christmas holiday, which has been observed by Americans for the entirety of our existence. The County’s refusal to acknowledge this foundational date is almost certainly a product of Albemarle County’s destructive ministry of Equity and Inclusion.

Such Marxist de-centering of Christmas is a tactic being used by Democrats nationwide in effort to further secularize our society, replacing Creator God with the false “god” of government.

Like Charlottesville City Schools before them, Albemarle County eventually will learn—the hard way—that attempts to remove God from culture will result in disastrous outcomes.

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