Time and time again, citizens have bemoaned abusive reception at the hands of Democrat Charlottesville City Councilors during meetings both public and private.  And over the years, many residents—Democrats and Republicans alike—who may on occasion disagree with Council, have stopped attending or speaking-out at City Council meetings, fearful of a public tongue-lashing by bumptious and unchecked elected Charlottesville Democrats.

In order to mitigate perceived lack of public participation in Government processes, Charlottesville City is considering plans to hire a $70 thousand Neighborhood Advocate (and to spend thousands more on staff, pizza, and daycare via a superfluous series of proposed City Council town hall meetings). Unwittingly, Democrat Councilor David Brown has made the case for reserving the expenditure and instead censoring his own puerile outbursts (which seem intended to stifle public participation).

Brown is not alone in imagining himself King of Charlottesville, as he traipses the well-worn path of pompous hubris previously trod by Democrat Councilors Blake Caravati, Mitch Van Yahres, Frank Buck, Nancy O’Brien, and John Conover among other nattering nabobs of socialism.

But unlike the others, whose transgressions were but momentary blips, lost to history upon utterance, Brown’s assailments are preserved electronically, courtesy of his employer, the City of Charlottesville.

In an exclusive video recapitulation (see below), on April 7, 2008, Councilor Brown is shown usurping the authority of Mayor Dave Norris in order to castigate citizens Naomi Roberts and Jim Moore for the high crime of allegedly “whispering” during a Council meeting.

Nearly two years later, on April 5, 2010, Brown again dons the mayor’s trousers, reprising attack, this time against Betty “Seignor” whose only offense was an errant laugh during a Council meeting. Brown exposes himself as passive-aggressive and/or senile in twice referring to the declared miscreant as “Betty Seignor” rather than using her married name—which Brown well knows is Betty Mooney. (N.B. Brown should be particularly sensitive to this nomenclature since his wife, Jean Hiatt, does not herself use Brown’s surname.)

Neither Roberts, nor Moore, nor Mooney are known supporters of the Councilor’s agenda, and therein lies the genesis of Brown’s belligerence. Instead of respectfully accepting contrary points-of-view, Councilor Brown berates the dissenters on inconsequential behaviors, hoping that their voices will be silenced through public humiliation.

Of course, no elected official will remind David Brown of the beams in his own eye, as for years, under his gavel as Mayor of Charlottesville, Councilors Kendra Hamilton and Blake Caravati—obviously and publicly from the Council dais—snickered at, whispered about, mad-dogged, mocked, and otherwise intimidated citizens weekly, with nary a word of correction from brave Mayor Marionette. Apparently, in Brown’s book, only wayward citizens are subject to censure while errant councilors get a pass.

Charlottesville City Council’s initiative to involve citizens is deception in the first degree. Most are aware that Council only welcomes favorable comment; that attitude is not likely to change with the addition of a highly paid “advocate.” But if Council’s new taxpayer-funded initiative can trick citizens into thinking that their opinions are valued, even if never expressed, then the public monies expended will be returned in bought votes, Central-Party Democrats will be re-elected continually, and citizen-naysayers will continue to suffer verbal vilification until they finally capitulate and self-deport from the public discourse.

Watch the exclusive video presentation of Democrat David Brown’s public conniptions:


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  1. The proposal for a so-called “neighborhood adv ocate” is a big sham and scam. One of the intentions is to redirect those people who are inclined to speak at City Council away from the public and recorded microphone speeches to a more semi-private venue. Thus, the public will be unaware that other neighborhoods are experiencing similar problems, that those problems are not a priority of Council or staff, and that Council is only interested in hearing from those in the community that they recruit to support Councilors’ positions while making it appear that there is actual community support for their postions. Sham. Unfortunately citizens and neighborhood associations will fall for the scam initially, meet with the “advocate” until they realize after about a year that their concerns are just given an airing.For years, Council and staff have followed the rule “Let them yell and scream until they it it off of their chests and go home feeling better.” A skillful “advocate” will be able to convince these citizens that he/she is listening and taking their concerns back to Council and staff, while, at the same time, convince the citizens that the city officials’ solutions are what are best for them. In other words, this “advocate” is really serving to be a listening post, a “pacifier,” a punching bag and a public relations expert to keep as many people voting for the party without having actual representation so that Council can conceentrate on its “advocacies.” Remember, the “advocate” is responsible to the Council and staff that hired him or her, not the public. Sham and scam. This is an initiative of Norris, Edwards, and Szakos. At least the public ought to demand pizza when it meets with advocate and get something out of the wasted time. I know I will.

  2. What a jerk, idiot and fool. Anybody can laugh out loud anytime he wishes. IT’S CALLED FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Lord, don’t you want him?

  3. Anybody can laugh out loud anytime he wishes. IT’S CALLED FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

    Sarcastic laughter in a public forum is rude, as is carrying on a conversation on the side. Brown’s request – not demand for – common courtesy in no way infringes on the right to free speech. That should be obvious to you. If it’s not, perhaps I should try being a distraction at the next JATP meeting.


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