Democrat Congressman “King Tom” Perriello (VA-05) has officially called on President Barack Obama to “fire” United States Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, presumably for incompetence (see video below).

Perriello’s explicit demand was voiced in response to a constituent-posed question at the August 20, 2010 Ruckersville, Virginia town hall meeting:

Constituent: “Which of the President’s policies do you like the least”?

Perriello: “You know, I’ve called for Secretary Geithner to be fired…”

Well, that settles it.

Tom Perriello has spoken! Are you listening, President Obama?

P.S. Regarding your answer, Congressman Perriello, nice dodge. Tim Geithner may be an easy target, but he’s certainly not a “policy.” He is a person.

P.P.S. We’re anxiously awaiting your press release regarding your “call to fire” Secretary Geithner. Please forward at your earliest convenience.

See exclusive video of Tom Perriello’s call to fire Timothy Geithner:



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