An internal source at JAUNT, a Charlottesville-based regional public transportation system, informs the Schilling Show that the agency is under investigation.

The unconfirmed report states JAUNT officials are being probed for excessive spending, specifically:

  • Unnecessary European travel
  • Travel expenses which were outside of Federal guidelines
    • First-class airfare
    • Top-tier hotels, some over $750 per night
    • $1,000 bottles of wine
    • Purchases of luxury items
  • Annual travel expenses in excess of $300,000 per year, over the past three years

The irregularities purportedly were uncovered through an agency audit. 

Coincidentally, the Daily Progress has just reported that JAUNT’s CEO, former Albemarle County Supervisor, Brad Sheffield, is leaving his position

This is a breaking news story from an unverified source. The Schilling Show will provide additional details as they become available.


  1. That’s just one agency..think how much other graft is going on in other depts. Now go look at the city run by the racists…

  2. As a disabled, single elder, Jaunt refused my application for transport for outpatient surgery. Three cabs failed to return my calls for service. A lone Samaritan came to my rescue at the last minute.

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