Following a long and protracted legal battle, Schilling Show host, Rob Schilling has prevailed in his open records lawsuit against JAUNT, Inc.

The Settlement Agreement compels JAUNT to release records sought by Schilling under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), pertaining to excessive spending by now-former JAUNT CEO, Brad Sheffield—who was asked to resign following internal review of his indulgences.

JAUNT attorneys had argued that the organization was exempt from Virginia FOIA because much of its funding was Federal, and thus could not be considered “public” funding. General District Court Judge Matthew Quatrara decided otherwise.

Per the agreement, Schilling sought, and is scheduled to receive:

…all documents reflecting “good, services, and travel” that Jaunt’s 2020 audit (as previously produced to Petitioner) determined were violative of JAUNT’s internal control policies for Fiscal Year 2020 and as identified on page 32 of the audit.

In addition, JAUNT will pay Schilling’s attorney, Matthew Hardin, $4,000 in compensation for his efforts.

The settlement calls for JAUNT to surrender the referenced records within fourteen days of execution and return of the Settlement Agreement, which will be no later than close-of-business on May 5, 2021.

Details will follow upon JAUNT’s fulfillment of their obligation under the Agreement.


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