Lawless in Lee Park

Charlottesville City Manager, Sam Sanders, has brought California to Charlottesville, via the growing homeless encampment in Lee Park (Market Street Park).

The size of “Tent City” has roughly doubled in about five days, with no sign of abating. By Sanders’ declaration, Lee Park has become a virtual no-go zone for Charlottesville police, and by extension, all non-homeless park visitors.

Lingering in the minds of Charlottesvillians: which park will next be ceded to Sanders’ brand of open lawlessness?


  1. We lived near Cville from 1996 to 2012. That park is where my son tossed his lunch because he went on the little merry-go-round a tad too enthusiastically. A weekend walk on the mall, a trip to the little park and then lunch…that was then. I do not cry for or lament Ch’ville anymore; I more laugh at it than anything. I grew up in Philly, and know precisely what Democrat/leftist destruction does to communities. And I am aware of the complacency that breeds the destruction. I apologize, but find it entertaining to watch these communities circling the drain. As Carlin said: “Why should I be pissed? I got a friggin’ front row seat to this show!” Now let’s see whom the Rio District selects for the school board…more front row entertainment! Sorry; we tried to help but were called “racist Neanderthals who had not evolved.”

  2. I guess tearing down the statues helped make room for the tent city. Next come the bus loads of illegal aliens!

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