President Obama Responsible for Bringing Back The Schilling Show?

Well, we don't quite get it, but Rob's former on-air partner and current WINA Morning News co-host, Jane Foy, claims that our Fearless Leader...

Upcoming on The Schilling Show

Tuesday, February 3rd: Senator Ken Cuccinelli on General Assembly topics Wednesday, February 4th:+ Yaron Brook on curing the financial crisis Thursday, February 5th: Chris Schoenewald Friday, February...

Federal Stimulus: Tell Webb and Warner to “Just Say No!”

Unfortunately, our elected Federal representation (Webb, Warner, Perriello) do not appear capable of thinking for themselves (i.e. beyond their Party affiliation). So, we must...

The Audience Contributes

Not long before returning to the air, we received the following email from listener, "Gary:" On a more humorous note, I thought about some music/sound...

Ding Dong, the TAX is Dead!

Just heard that Del. Toscano's transit tax bill, HB 2161, has met its death in subcommittee.  According to Toscano, the bill cannot "come back...

Rob’s musical history

Prior to politics and radio, Rob spent many years as a professional musician. Listen to and purchase Rob's CD, Sing a Psalm. Rob's first "real"...

A “crank” calls Rob to wish him ill

Local crank, Barbara Rich, called Rob at home to gloat over his dismissal. You must hear this hilarious voicemail message.

The Schilling Show in the media

This is "where the news is made," indeed! Daily Progress columnist Bryan McKenzie opines on Rob's facial hair (Daily Progress Blog, August 14, 2008) The Schilling...

The Schilling Show on YouTube

The Schilling Show is always making news. See it now on our YouTube channel.

Dig our theme song

Here's a mashup of three different versions (Doobie Bros., Take 6, Quincy Jones) of "Takin' it to the Streets," a description of the show...