WANTED: Information leading to the arrest and conviction of the Sign Stealer.

Following the release of Obama Supporters: Vandals and Thieves—a YouTube video exposé delineating political sign vandalism and speech suppression across central Virginia—the chronicled problems of liberal violence, abolishment, and trespass persist.

On September 27, 2012, just after midnight, an unidentified male suspect drove into Charlottesville’s Preston Avenue Shell, attempting to purchase gasoline for his late 90s Volvo S70.

The station was closed, and thus, the suspect was unable to fuel his vehicle. Taking advantage of light traffic and the cover of night, the suspect displaced from its mounting and then stole from the premises a displayed 4’ x 8’ Romney/Ryan campaign sign.

The owners of the sign wish to press charges against the suspect Sign Stealer. Can you identify him?

If so, political activist, Steve Peters is offering the following reward: A tankful of gas (not to exceed $100) to the first person who successfully identifies the individual or individuals that are then charged with and convicted of the crime shown in the video.

Determination of the reward recipient, if any, will be at the sole discretion of Steve Peters. Entries may be submitted via email to schillingshow@gmail.com or by phone to The Schilling Show Hotline, (424) 218-2349. All tipsters will remain anonymous.


  1. Hey Rob, I left this on your facebook page as well, but if he used his card at the pump, the station owner can pull information from the card transaction.

  2. I wish I could identify this guy, and I wish you could use good English. He’s not a “suspect” – you have him on tape.

  3. In Virginia code he is a suspect.
    Until the law put the jewelry on his wrist, he will remain a suspect.
    Or to put in it in plainer English — a person of interest!

  4. You can look it up, area, or just use common sense. The word is related to “suspected,” and this guy isn’t suspected of anything. He’s known to be guilty. Now if as I hope happens, someone thinks he knows the guy, the guy he names will be a suspect in the eyes of the law until he’s positively identified as the guy in the video. But the guy in the video is not a suspect. Simple logic.

    Maybe Rob should fulminate less about Che Guevara and more about conservative illiteracy and fuzzy-minndedness.

  5. Until the cuffs are applied to his wrist and put in back of the car and read his right, he is a suspect. Until the charges if any are filed, he is a suspect. A person of interest. Yes someone know him in area, they are just keeping their mouth closed because they thinking this a whole bunch of fun. Watching and reading to see if we get close and maybe drop a dime, once the reward become worth it. I know I deal with this type of issues for a very long time. The video is great, however it is just video. He is a low level person of interest. Since the sign when back up no one has messed with it or other 4 x 8 in town. Pepper spray does stay active for a long time on surface, so does spray on teflon. Made it a little hard to screw around with the signs when youc can’t wash off the pepper spray due to teflon once you get it on you. Oh! exposed to black light, you glow…..

  6. that right, over used word that sometime does lose it original meaning in today world. Or I suspect I am a person of interest.

  7. Well the replacement sign got nailed too. In process of replacing it on private party, an individual in a government car felt they had the right to call me a fat F.
    The 4 high school student who informed me per their teacher, if I put a sign that they don’t like, they have right to take it down. Why it is their first amendment right. Because it stand against for what they are for. Doesn’t matter it is on private property. In fact there is no such thing as private property. In long run it all belong to the city or county or state or federal government. They just grant us the right to own the property but have the right to take it back anytime they want. So if this is really true, we are sinking faster than the Titanic. It took late to man the life boat…..

  8. An individual in what government, area? A teacher in what high school? Have you contacted the Rutherford Institute?

  9. NO!
    I was called worse names when I worked for the VA DOC. Big deal. No need to call Rutherford, because what are they going to do? As far as the school, I know which high school it is and than what is Rutherford going to do?

  10. So you don’t really know what the high school teacher said, just what a bunch of teens said he said. But if a government guy was trying to intimidate you into not displaying your sign, that sure sounds like a legal violation.

  11. Ken:
    If you ever met me, you would realize I am one of those individuals you need to pack a lunch to try to intimidate me.
    If inmate tried and failed, death threat and failed. So what is this numb nut going to do, he was running away in his government car. Inmates would call him a wannabe. I call him a numb nut.
    As far as students if this what they heard, than ______________

  12. Ken:
    Since that I am not a card carrying member of the Charlottesville Democrat Party and a business owner beholding to them. There isn’t much that they can do for me. Beside it not worth my time and engery to have to go to court and listen to a numb nut stand up tell everyone why he is right and why I am wrong. This afternoon while working in my yard someone felt they had the right to stop get out of their car and give me a load of shit. I continue with getting ready for Halloween. All that happen was he got angrier and angrier. He was about to step in my yard when I told him a loud and clear voice to stop, stay out my yard. I told him this 3 times. He stopped and I showed him this sign simle your on camera.The city of charlottesville is slowly dying and there isn’t much we can do, because the power is held in hand of a few. I do know if the County become a city, than city will be no more and just maybe that needs to happen, just maybe.

  13. Dear Ken,

    If you are going to make a post calling out others for “conservative illiteracy and fuzzy-minndedness” you might want to avoid spelling and grammatical errors in that very post.

    Good day.

  14. Can someone please explain to me: Why doesn’t someone has the right to cross a 4 foot wide sidewalk, walk up a 4 feet into a elder man yard and spray paint it black. Now this man has had this sign up in his yards for well over 10 yrs with important message to him. it basically say vote for Romney. Now all this man has done is brought a house here, raised his family and grandchildern! No one in the Democrat party has stool up and denounce this, no one in city government has been willing to step up and do the same things. I now understand why Rob call Charlotttesville a lawless city.

  15. Cville Weekly reports that “Democrats, too, have been reporting disappearing and damaged signs, as well as plots by opponents to illegally place yard signs to get Dems in trouble.”

    So why is it that “No one in the Democrat party has stool up and denounce this, no one in city government has been willing to step up and do the same things”? Democrats not denouncing crimes against Democrats is another sign of Democratic partisanship, right?

    It’s hilarious that Rob conflates petty theft and incivility with an assault on “private property rights” and “the end of America.” Didn’t America end with Watergate then?

  16. No one yet has answer the question what gave them the right to walk across a 4 foot wide sidewalk, 4 feet or so up into the man yard. What gave them the right to trespass on this elder man private property? What gave them the right to spray paint sign he made and has up over 10 yrs with different message. Our we as a community saying it is ok. No the democrap are not going to open their mouths. I have spoke up and told to keep my big fat hairy ass shut.

  17. No, I am concerned that when a police officer drives by a sign. The sign has been spray painted. When flag the officer down and ask didn’t you see the 4 x 8 sign with spray paint on it. Reply is no, my mind was on something else. So does it do anygood to made a report when the officer mind is on something else?

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