The latest electronic dispatch from Charlottesville City’s Office of Economic Development (OED) says everything…in the words it refuses to say: “Thomas Jefferson.”

In a brief blurb titled “OED Fun Fact,” the office promotes Monticello’s upcoming Naturalization Ceremony:

With July Fourth just a few days away consider participating in one our areas most unique traditions – the 60th annual Independence Day Celebration and Naturalization Ceremony at Monticello. Over 50 new American citizens will take the Oath of Allegiance on the front steps of the third presidents’ home. For more information click HERE. [sic]

This paragraph, obviously filtered through Charlottesville’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion department, refers to Monticello as “the third presidents’ home.” [sic]

Aside from glaring, elementary-school punctuation errors, the paragraph is unquestionably constructed to avoid mention of the forbidden name.

The aphonic reference to Thomas Jefferson as “the third president,” is eerily reminiscent of former City Councilor Wes Bellamy’s consistent, on-dais references to “45,” a leftist code-phrase spoken in lieu of saying “Donald Trump.”

While the Jefferson name-omission is notable, it is not unique. As Charlottesville City Government goes full-woke, language modifications, revisionist history, and other manifestations of Cultural Marxism will accelerate.

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  1. This is what “Equity and Inclusion” gets you: lousy grammar, subpar writing, amateurish communication and glaring omissions in the name of “social justice.” Instead of hiring the best people, we select people based on arbitrary qualities and–voila!–we have a Yugo instead of a Mercedes. Enjoy, Cville. “Doctor” Wes Bellamy is never too far away!

  2. Well if they can’t bring themselves to say Thomas Jefferson than they need to stop saying “Charlotte’s-ville” since Queen Charlotte was married to King George who carried on the tradition of giving away 50 acres of land with every slave purchase and in fact there is probably no single person in history who benefited more from the atlantic slave trade than she since it was their labor that brought all the revenue that kept her in the luxurious world of a queen. Shame on you Charlottesville… shame shame shame….

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