Charlottesville’s downtown mall is fertile ground for nascent eco-socialists, aggressive progressives, citizen-collectivists and other like-minded political degenerates. At any given time, a panoply of leftists, young and old, convene there, “productively” whiling away the hours.

But, politically speaking, the evening of October 29 was superior to all previous nights on the mall. Fellow travelers Tom Perriello and Barack Obama were slated to appear at the Charlottesville Pavilion to rally the boy-congressman’s flailing re-election campaign. To the ends of the mall and beyond, comrades cued for the chance to witness progressive history.

Conservative activist group,Americans for Prosperity (AFP), seized upon this transcendent circumstance to gauge political sentiment among the assembled throng by conducting random video interviews. While attempting to distribute “Socialism Isn’t Cool” bumper stickers, AFP discovered that to many Obama-Perriello adherents, socialism was cool.

Amidst the admirers was Western Albemarle High School Spanish teacher, Dominique Anderson—a bald faced socialist. During her interview, Mrs. Anderson boldly exhorted the AFP inquirers to “convert” to socialism, vapidly proclaiming the political system (which is responsible for more than 80 million deaths) “totally good.”

When questioned as to why a socialist should be able to plunder the possessions of a capitalist, the bolshevist educator haughtily retorted, “That’s bullshit.”

Several of Dominique Anderson’s former and current students recognized their Spanish teacher in the originally released APF video footage (which was edited for profanity). None was particularly surprised at her avowed love for socialism, but all were solaced that her dreaded classroom antics now were laid bare. So relieved was one pupil, that he contributed this exclusive, telling narrative of his personal experiences inside Mrs. Anderson’s classroom:

She was my teacher in 11th grade. I could always tell she was very liberal, with that making sense now that she’s proclaimed she’s a socialist.

There would be plenty of classes where politics would sometimes come up, and if we wanted to keep from doing Spanish work, there was nothing easier than asking her about her political beliefs —we’d often get a rant that would take up some time.

I remember one class she said something about how awful the health care system in America was and just how Bush was so horrible and America needed to be more like Europe.  She was really trashing a country that I am so proud to come from, and I looked at one of my friends, and we were like, is she serious?  We both agreed that hey, if you don’t like it here in America, a country we would sacrifice so many things for, quit your ranting and get the hell out.  Go back to Europe where everything is ‘so much better’ and just leave our country alone.

When we asked her about her political beliefs, she never wanted to tell us directly what she thought, but when she talked, it was very clear she leaned far left.  She seemed to like Obama very much (again, very understandable) and had nothing positive to say about anything conservative.

I wish I could say that she is an exception on the Western Albemarle teaching staff, but so many teachers there are very liberal (I believe some to be bordering on socialism), and even though they might try to not let it influence their teaching, after the first month or so you can always tell who believes what.

I honestly am disgusted by the bias and ill feelings towards conservatives in school.  For no reason what so ever should public taxes be funding some of the teachers’ rants at school or their biased influences, many of which clearly go against founding American documents and principles.  The sad thing is many people do not know enough to see the bias in front of them, and they come away with a twisted understanding of history, or they leave a Spanish classroom feeling insulted for being conservative, or with a taste of distain in their mouth for having to listen to a teacher during school hours rant about how awful the country is that we live in.

Not since the national exposure of Henley Middle School teacher Margie Shepherd and her anti-American, anti-Christian classroom displays has an Albemarle County government-school teacher so nakedly been revealed for her disdain of American foundational principles—and in this case, for the country, itself.

While all teachers are entitled to personal beliefs and opinions, parents of government-schooled children should be aware of potential anti-American classroom-based indoctrination. And avowed socialists—like Dominique Anderson—who cannot keep their leftist politics out of the classroom should remove themselves (or themselves be removed) from the mandated government-education system.

America, as conceived, will crumble when a majority of her citizens are predisposed to despise her. Thanks to the classroom contributions of leftist government-school instructors, we are well advanced on that path to destruction.

For the most part, young indoctrination-hostages (government-schooled students) subject to the Margie Shepherds and Dominique Andersons of America’s “public” education system cannot defend themselves from attempted anti-liberty brainwashing.  It is the public’s responsibility, once notified, to recognize and counter these ongoing subliminal (and sometimes overt) assaults—the nation’s future depends on it.

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Rob Schilling is founder of the multi-award-winning Schilling Show Blog and News, proprietor of Schilling Show Media; host of both the Schilling Show Unleashed Podcast and WINA's The Schilling Show heard weekdays at noon; husband; father; worship leader, Christian recording artist and Community Watchdog.


  1. This is a travesty, and as a county taxpayer, I am very disappointed. Clearly, in matters such as this, it is incumbent for county administrators to perform a through philosophical background check on those selected to teach. Having read the testimony from former students, it is self-evident, that the last place this woman should be, is leading a classroom, at least NOT in America.

    As a taxpaying patriot, I would like to see this socialist advocate removed from my back pocket, and replaced with someone whose love of country, makes them worthy of the money that I am forced to provide them. If anything, I would like to see my taxes provide Ms. Anderson, with a one way ticket back to Europe. Perhaps Greece. Attitudes like this must be sought and eradicated from the American classrooms, if we are to return America back to her former glory. Students who detect such anti-American attitudes should be allowed to report such to county officials, and parents given the right for an immediate opportunity for their students to switch to another instructor. Evil prospers when good people do nothing, and for American’s, this is allowing our children to be exposed to the siren’s song of the serpent. Anderson should not be allowed the opportunity to continued access to our children. I do not care to be forced to fund the very ideas that so many in my family fought and died to protect me and mine from.

  2. Having seen this video, and read the accompanying affadavit from one of her students, I second Patriot’s comments above. I too am a county tax payer. I want this woman fired immediately. No questions asked. No retirement, no benefits. Ask anyone who knows, the first battlefield is in the mind. Is there any wonder why we have such an undereducated student body, in matters of Americanism? I agree. Lets buy this broad a ticket outta here.

  3. Watching the video and reading the comments here, this is typical xenophobic crap. Since when did we revoke freedom of speech? Are there complaints against her as a teacher in the local school system? The comments here amount to just un-American fear. Do you listen to her whole rationale? And even then, if you disagree with her, how does that give you the right to silence her first amendment right?

    I’m going to come to “Realist” and “a Patriot” and have them fired because I just don’t agree with what they say and the hate, vitriol-laced world view they promote in public.

    Think before you talk idiots.

  4. What you have written here is as un-factual, inaccurate and un-American as it gets. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. Trueamerican, as obviously upset as you would appear to be regarding my previous post, consider how much more upset you would find yourself, if I was doing this,AT YOUR EXPENSE!!! And that is the point. I don’t care one iota how much intellectual manure she wants to espouse. She may exercise her right of free speech all she wants. But I do not wish to see students held as captive hostages, nor do I want to have my hard earned tax money spent, to pay a fool. I had too many men in my family pay for my freedom, with the purchase of their blood, to want to see any alleged teahcer, plant such un-American teacher, plant such seeds of corruption in a young mind. Sadly, were she fired, we’d still be paying her off, with unemployment, which she does not deserve. How much better off this country would be, if we could eradicate such misguided thinking from our soil.
    If you don’t like it here, then please get out, and allow us patriots who do appreciate our country, to live in peace.


  6. “A Patriot”,

    I question the ideals and ultimately what country you speak of when you call yourself a patriot. Seems not like the tradition of freedom and respectful exchange of ideas that comprise our great nation of the United States of America. Perhaps you should actually read the Constitution that your inappropriate actions and words show such a disregard, disrespect and complete lack of understanding of the basic tenets of our democracy. Here’s a start though. Read this three times:

    The First Amendment of the US Constitution – “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Your childish rant is dangerous and goes completely counter to the American values many generations fought to establish and protect. Using words like ‘captive hostages’ and the notion of ‘eradicating from our soil’ those that you disagree with is shameful and just shows what kind of false patriot you are. When did you become an expert on the decorum and moral standing of our teachers? I say, thank god we don’t have you teaching our youth a world-view of xenophobia, hate, contempt for one’s fellow American, and a misappropriation of the word ‘patriot’.

    You say you ‘appreciate your country’, but your view on reality demonstrates the complete opposite. Do yourself, our country and our true patriots a favor by shutting up until you can speak truthfully and with respect to the freedoms you yourself do not understand nor do honor. How much better off this country would be, if we could eradicate misguided, fringe thinking like yours from the public domain.

  7. trueamerican, I’m a Democrat, but the issue isn’t free speech, it’s whether this woman should be employed as a teacher if she teaches her particular views. I’m not scandalized by what little I’ve heard of what she believes. It’s typical of Rob to twist words and make wildly unsupported suppositions, suggesting, for example, that the woman is not bothered by Stalin and company, and that socialism always produces Stalins.

    But clearly communities have the right to decide which views it tolerates and which it condemns and doesn’t want taught to its children. If this teacher taught political science I’d defend her right to express her views as long as she taught other views fairly, just as I would defend the right of a Tea Partier to express her own views. Other community members would draw the line between ethical and unethical elsewhere. But in this case she’s clearly crossed the line by wandering off subject and misusing class time to teach something she hasn’t been put there to teach, so she should be disciplined.

    Of course Rob’s post is typically hysterical and gratuitously snide and judgmental, qualities that typify the “Christian” Right. And like Sarah Palin talking about “blood libel,” he either doesn’t know the meaning of the word “bolshevist,” or he doesn’t care because he thinks his fans don’t and it’s a dramatic slur. But he does have a point.

  8. Ken,

    Shouldn’t this be under the purview of the school and its evaluation process? As far as I know, Mrs Anderson is a well-regarded teacher in the school. Since when is it a violation of any code of conduct to express one’s belief in a public city square?

    My problem here is this almost McCarthy-esque crusade by Rob and his insecurity over his own conservatism and fear of the corruption of the youth.

    How do you know what she does in class? What gives you the right to dangerously attempt conjecture onto what transpires in the school. Based on one biased member of the public comments?

    Can’t you see that this is just xenophobic, teaparty nonsense.

  9. The Bolshevists founded a communist party that overthrew the Russian government (an autocracy, by the way), and murdered the Czar and his family. Does the teacher support armed revolution? Political assassination? Is there no difference between the communism advocated by Marx and Lenin and Western European style state socialism? You used a term associated with and primarily used to refer to a particular historical party known for violence and thuggery, instead of using the more precise term, “socialist,” and you did it for rhetorical purposes. It was a smear.

    But that isn’t what I was referring to when I said you were being gratuitously snide and judgmental. I was referring to your labeling of progressives as “comrades” and “political degenerates.”

    By the way, I was amazed to hear you agree with the guy complaining about Cuccinelli being called “Cooch” when you never could mention Perriello without calling him “the boy congressman” or “two-faced Tom.” Can you explain why you’re not being hypocritical? If you don’t like Cuccinelli being mocked (and I don’t either), are you willing to refrain from mocking your own political enemies?

  10. trueamerican, Anderson has every right to express her views when she’s on the Mall, obviously, but she’s getting paid to do something else in the classroom. If Rob is correct that several students reported that she routinely goes off topic, their word is good enough for me. Let other students come forward to contradict them if they’re lying.

  11. Ken,

    Don’t you question Rob’s motives and his worldview? Do you understand if we adopt your logic, we run the risk of waging politics against all government and state employees? Do you want the witchhunt? Be careful what you wish for.

  12. trueamerican, I routinely question Rob’s motives, as I’ve done in this thread. And I do think that the school itself should do the disciplining, and do so after its own evaluation process. But parents in the community have every right to call for them to do it.

  13. Ken,Before discipline wouldn’t you want to know the facts? Knowing many students who have been students under Mrs Anderson, this all seems like conservative hearsay to me.

  14. My son was a student of Ms. Anderson’s all last year. He stated that he never heard her express any political views in the classroom and indeed he did not know what her political views were. He also said he has never heard her use profanity.

  15. You wouldn’t know it from Rob’s rant, but of course the “profanity” Anderson used in the video is very mild, and was said not in anger but in a friendly tone.

  16. Trueamerican,
    Allow me an opportunity to fully explain why this matter creates such intensity with me. It is because I experienced the exact same treatment as a student at Albemarle High School, three decades ago. I had an english teacher who, through the course of time, made clear to us where he stood. He was a proud protester at Berkley. He showed us the dents in his skull, allegedly received from the police or the National Guard, during his acts of protest against the Vietnam War. Keep in mind, his mantra to us was to challenge and question authority, etc, etc.

    At one point during the year, the teacher selected “Hiroshima” by John Hersey, for an assignment. For two weeks, I endured the reading and sentence by sentence examination of the article. If you’ve never read Hiroshima, it was written in a very flat, almost boring manner. It was a relation of facts, leaving whatever impact the relating of events of the survivors had, to the individual mind of the reader. All along the way, this teacher made sure to interject HIS anti-American opinions. What this teacher did not realize, was the fact that I had men, on both sides of my family, who served our country, as far back as the revolution. I knew, from first hand experiences related by them to me, as well as watching them deal with wartime injuries, in their daily life exactly what the cost and price of freedom. I grew up in American Legion and VFW halls, listening to men recount tales that Steven Speilberg and Tom Hanks will never even know to put on film. So, I KNOW patriotism when I see and hear it. Just as, through a lifetime of study, know what America was intended to be, and how far off the mark we now find ourselves.

    By the end of the second week, I had tolerated all I could and had both heard and had enough. I raised my hand, and with more respect than the teacher deserved, inquired as to when we would discuss the reasons that brought America to that point in time. His exact words were, “What do you mean.?” I began to question why he thought those killed in Hiroshima, during a known state of war, was somehow more significant than those who died in a state of peace on Sunday morning Dec 7, 1941? He could not answer. When I pointed out that had we not used the atomic bomb, thus saving countless millions of lives, on both sides, who would undoubtedly perished in an invasion of Japan; and that had the invasion taken place, no doubt, his class would be less full, for no doubt many of us would not have had the opportunity to be conceived, as our grandfathers would probably have been killed. The teacher, who preached freedom of speech, silenced mine, by sending me to the office. He fought to suspend me from class claiming I was a disruption. So an honest question now becomes a disruption. Sounds very much the way the left handles logical and reasonable questions today.

    There are three things that I will not stand for, and will oppose with much vigor. Lying, bullying and hypocrisy. When confronted with truth, this teacher chose to promote lies. When unable to refute historical truth, he chose to resort to using the bullying power of the system, to silence me, and in so doing, he chose to be a hypocrite, proudly displaying his acts of freedom of speech and questioning authority, while attempting to deny me mine. In the end, after my WWII and Korean War veteran father came to the school, and had a face to face “discussion” with him, I never had any more issues with him.

    That man was there to teach english. Now if he wants to relate anything beyond that, then do it after school hours, or at least in a voluntary setting. Anytime a teacher does what he did, and what Ms. Anderson is doing, then they are in violation of both their authority and their position.

    Finally, I wonder TA, how willingly would you defend me, were I teaching a subject, and found a way to discuss my personal belief in Christ, my disdain for the practice of abortion, the social problems created by welfare, etc. I do not feel that you would be defending me with such passion. However there again, it is a matter of when and where I do it. Thats not what “We The People”, or rather the taxpayers of Albemarle County are paying me for, and this socialist agenda is not what I am paying Ms. Anderson for, no more than my parents were paying my english teacher to espouse his anit-American opinions, thirty years ago.

  17. Patriot, the problem is that as we get older, the farther away the general public can understand or appreciate perspectives, such as you have related here. I dare say, that not many of your contemporaries of your day 30 years ago, were fully aware of history, and the cost of freedom.
    The true american is completely mnissing the point. Freedom of speech, surely, but not through the taking of hostages. Those students needing foreign language credit at WAHS, by default, have to sit and go along with her diatribes, or suffer it in the GPA.

    The county has dress codes and behaviour codes for the students. It seems simple and obvious to me, especially given how easily you could replace a non-compliant teacher in this job market, that the county simply administer a speech and behaviour code for teachers. If you cannot keep your personal ideology and your professional obligations compartmentalized, then you are terminated. Simple. That regulation is already in effect everywhere else in the work place. It’s time that the teaching profession catch up.

  18. If you cannot keep your personal ideology and your professional obligations compartmentalized, then you are terminated. Simple.

    That’s simple in theory, but how would you enforce it? Have every class taped? In this case we have competing reports from students.

  19. Patriot,

    Touching story and thank you for sharing. But I would hope that we are moving to a world with greater respect and understanding. The previous posts and the gist of this whole blog entry is filled with xenophobia, hate and exaggeration.
    If you disagree with her world view, fine. That’s permitted in America and do so in a respectful manner. And also respect the school for being able to conduct its own evaluations outside of the heightened sensationalist culture of fear that sadly pervades our discourse. Otherwise, anyone is fair game. Seems like there is compelling doubt to this story. If people feel so passionate, contact the school, but don’t fan flames that most likely are a decoy for a sad, empty agenda.

  20. It seems that the most obvious, salient point, and the one patriot was trying to make is still lost. NOT AT TAXPAYERS EXPENSE!!!! Does anyone not get the fact that government, local, state and federal, exercise the power of enforcement at our expense? So, even though I am not in favor of alcohol, as a Va state taxpaer, I am by default endorsing it, via the VA ABC. Even though I too abhor the practice odf abortion, everytime there is federal funding of abortion, I, by default, am assisting in supplying aid to the act. Protecting first ammendment rights is great, but asking those of us to fund that which we do not agree with, is an entirely differnt matter.

  21. I appreciate the discourse here. Some good political back and forth from what appears to be reasonable people.

    I too had Mrs. Anderson as a Spanish teacher. She is a tough teacher who teaches her subject with passion and intensity. Her political views were NEVER part of the class discussion! (see Crozetmom above) To put her face next to mass murderers (communists next to fascists?????) is disgusting. [edited]

  22. @bags

    I appreciate the discourse here. Some good political back and forth from what appears to be reasonable people.

    I appreciate the discourse here. Some good political back and forth from what appears to be reasonable people. I too had Mrs. Anderson as a Spanish teacher. She is a tough teacher who teaches her subject with passion and intensity. Her political views were NEVER part of the class discussion! (see Crozetmom above) To put her face next to mass murderers (communists next to fascists?????) is disgusting. [edited]

    Moderator note: This post was sent from a computer within the Albemarle County Schools network. Former student? Doubtful.

  23. I should add too that it scares me how quickly Patriot and Realist are willing to have Mrs. Anderson fired and exiled without even getting any legit proof of her having done anything wrong. Imagine how you’d feel if someone went out on a smear campaign against the guy talking about how he wants government out of his life. Should I be claiming that he should no longer be allowed to use any public facilities or services? Or should I suggest he be exiled for disagreeing with me (because I think that the government does have a moderating role to play in society)?

  24. Realist,

    Thank god you don’t work for the government or in a school because you would be out of a job. Let the schools set their own guidelines. No need to fan flames of a fire that doesn’t exist. Your basis on all of this is a mere quote in a public mall and an anecdote from a clearly biased former student. We should learn to respect our differences and not engage in hateful witch hunts. More important issues to rant about.

  25. Protecting first ammendment rights is great, but asking those of us to fund that which we do not agree with, is an entirely differnt matter.

    That isn’t the issue. If it was, progressives would have the right to remove political science teachers with conservative biases. Absolute neutrality would be impossible to enforce and not even desirable anyhow. Students learn more when teachers are free to tell students what they believe on controversial issues.

    The issue is that the teacher may be taking class time away from what she’s being paid to teach.

  26. Let’s also remember that after parents, the biggest impact on a child’s success comes from the man or woman at the front of the classroom. In South Korea, teachers are known as “nation builders.” Here in America, it’s time we treated the people who educate our children with the same level of respect. (Applause.) We want to reward good teachers and stop making excuses for bad ones. (Applause.) And over the next 10 years, with so many baby boomers retiring from our classrooms, we want to prepare 100,000 new teachers in the fields of science and technology and engineering and math. (Applause.)In fact, to every young person listening tonight who’s contemplating their career choice: If you want to make a difference in the life of our nation; if you want to make a difference in the life of a child — become a teacher. Your country needs you. (Applause.)-President Obama, Jan 25, 2011 State of the Union Address

    You can’t have it both ways. Either a teacher is a nation builder, or the creator of a nation hater. Promoting socialism is to create a nation hater. The president stated, ” We want to reward good teachers and stop making excuses for bad ones.” Any defense of this teacher, is making excuses for a bad teacher. Enough said.

  27. . Either a teacher is a nation builder, or the creator of a nation hater. Promoting socialism is to create a nation hater.

    Patriot, I’d like to see you actually argue that claim instead of merely making it. How do you think promoting progressive policies teaches kids to hate their country? And it’s not enough to equate criticism with hatred. We all know that the two aren’t necessarily or even usually the same, and that love can make people speak out, can make them “speak the truth in love.”

    Here’s a challenge to you: drop this silly black and white, us vs. them rhetoric, and learn to see the love your ideological opponents have for our (not your) country.

  28. I have to ask, does love create and promote a society of greedy, morally decadent, citizens infected with widespread narcissistic personality disorder? Does love either by accident, or on purpose, destroy families? Steal innocence? Promote death, on both ends of the life cycle? Encourage characterless corruption? Turn our daughters, sisters, daughters and wives into so much disposable portable pounds of pleasant plumbing. To be discarded emotionally and physically, when the wretched excuse of a man, has had his fun? Does love lull a nation into foregoing its exceptionalism, its history, its destiny, its economic security, to the false songs of Madison Avenue?

    This truth spoken in love, as you assert, is akin to the same lie whispered by the serpent in a garden long ago. If this is (your country), then I ask you, where is mine? The liberal left has worked with great fervor, to eradicate foundational and historical truths. So much so, that it almost eclipses the Nazi’s proven ability at propaganda. In as much as I see no Mayflower II on a launchpad, set to colonize the solar system, me, and those like me are left with limited choices. Surrender our ideals, beliefs and values, and see them sacrificed upon this new age (rather ancient aged) alter of humanism, or stand fast and continue in the contest that we are promised will not see hell’s gates prevail against. And since surrender is not an option………

  29. Nazis

    Methinks you’ve been listening to Glenn Beck too long. And when I say “our” country, I mean yours AND mine.

    I’ll tell you what love does – it recognizes the good in other people, and in so doing, though it’s not afraid to criticize, it doesn’t caricature them and their ideals. Show me someone, Left or or Right, who knows how to love his enemies, and I’ll show you someone who isn’t part of the problem he means to solve.

  30. Interesting thread that pretty much both sides bunkering down and using labels.
    You are a good poster Ken. It’s now 2017 and look where the vitriol is coming from. I agree with you on Rob’s over the top method of making his points. It appears to be more emotional than substantial. However He absolutely has valid points. You can’t tell me that you live around Charlottesville and can’t see the outright bias in our education system and media. I read an article in Cville Weekly that discussed activism in Charlottesville and the level it has reached. However when they discussed the activism from the right, it was labeled as alt-right. I have no respect for anyone that writes such partisan drivel. They are hacks.

    This will end well I can assure you. I’m always willing to comprise but the other side better damn well be ready to pony up. Unfortunately, I think it’s too late for that too happen. The left is in a perpetual state of anger. The right is now approaching the same level of discontent.


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